Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sold the ride for a DC2R :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Filter Replacement

Im not sure how long has it been but my old filter is very dirty and the replacements just arrive and i was surprised to see the new and improved packaging because last time i bought the replacement the packaging was torn and now the filter looks big at 1st and i tought wrong size? Impossible!! after massaging the filter into place it fits perfectly 165mm whereas if HKS 200mm filter was used there will be gaps as some parts will be folded because its bigger creating some gaps where dust can come into the intake unfiltered.

After the replacement the response was restored which really caught me by surprise.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Allowing both comfort and sportiness
Full-length ride height adjustable shock absorber exclusively for compact cars
■Designed exclusively for compact cars
■Allow both comfort and sportiness at high level
■Twin tube shock absorber
■Full-length ride height adjustment feature
■16-level damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together)
■EDFC compatible, for easy in-car damping force adjustment.(unavailable on certain vehicles)
From street cruising to sport driving, "FLEX COMPACT" is a full-length ride height adjustable shock absorber designed exclusively for compact cars.
By applying light-weight compact with optimum damping force & spring rate, it allows sleek low down style with comfort in mind. Responsive handling and stability will ensure sports driving with excitement.
Upper Mount
Depending on the vehicle, kit will be either a mountless kit using OE mounts, kit with pillow ball upper mounts or kit with reinforced rubber upper mounts.
A) Twin tube Structure
Long stroke, less friction due to low internal gas pressure covers various street driving scenes.
B) Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature
Full-length adjustment system with the use of movable lower bracket allows for separate adjustment of ride height and pre-load. Bump-to-rebump stroke ratio from 1G would not be affected if ride height is adjusted only by the use of lower bracket.
C) 16-level Damping Force Adjustment Feature 
(Compression and Rebound Together)

Equipped with 16-level separate adjustment feature for finer setting capabilities, to meet wide varieties of conditions, speeds, etc.
D) Rust-Proofing on Threads
All threading parts on shell cases are coated with specially formulated Fluorine, for outstanding rust protection as well as for smoother ride height adjustment. Electroless nickel coating combined with powder coating is applied to lower brackets.
E) Spring
Straight spring, made of no-sagging, high-tensile steel with tensile strength of 200kgf/mm2(1960N/mm2). (Except some models)
F) Conical Spring Washer
Conical spring washer is inserted between a bracket lock and a lower bracket, to effectively prevent loosening of a bracket lock, under various conditions.
Controller : -
Motor : -
Strut : -
w/o Uppermount
¥153,000 (MSRP)
¥160,650 (incl TAX)
Exclusive Spring
5.0 k
Exclusive Spring
4.0 k
Ft:-45 to -25
Rr:-45 to -26
Ft:-58 to 28
Rr:-49 to -26
Includes H.A.S.
NOT EDFC compatible. Even when installing the same size tire/wheel as our test vehicle, it may still interfere with inner fender due to individual differences and/or driving condition, so please be advised.

JUN Machine Shop has added the connecting rod for Toyota 1NZ-FE engine.

The JUN connecting rod is made by shaving in order to pursue lightness and strength, this form has no futility. The material of a connecting rod is used SCM440. And connecting rod bolts are made by ARP. If big end is transformed at the time of high rotation, a metal will burn. In order to prevent the phenomenon, it was made the form which distributes stress.

VEHICLEToyota Vitz
MATERIALSCM440 (Made from billet)
MSRPJPY104,000 yen
SALESon sale
NOTEMust shave a block so that rods do not hit a block.

27,300 Yen(not including shipping)

58,800 Yen(not including shipping)

The tie rod and the lower arm enhance the angle of the wheels especially on lowered suspension so that the tyre have more contact to the ground thus improving cornering ability.

Monday, April 19, 2010

TEIN is back!!

Shorter end link

Shorter Springs

Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3

The Eagle F1 GS-D3 is Goodyear’s maximum performance radial developed for driving enthusiasts who want more performance from factory stock or aftermarket-tuned sports cars and performance sedans. The Eagle F1 GS-D3 excels in wet conditions by delivering class-leading hydroplaning resistance and traction, as well as offers competitive dry performance.

Surprisingly the Potenza re001 last l0nger than i expected, instead of 6mth, it lasted a year and if i didnt change my suspension and messed up my alignment and camber it could've lasted longer.

But decided to save the alignemnts for the new tyre and decided to go with the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 which has the most review, a good reputation and a lot of awards. The tyres a a bit noisier then the potenzas, the steering feels mild, feels like it lack grip until i hit a certain turn the tyres are screeching however the grip is still there and the car is still controlable.Purposely hit a puddle of water at speed and like they say no aquaplaning.

The feeling reminds me when i first us a full set of Yokohama S Drive the car turns in and there's a feeling of oversteer. So i need to get used to the the tyres behavour befor i can go all out with it.
Toe and Camber is WAY... of... no wonder the potenza's wore out so fast

Some may think that this tyre are still good but when its rainy season its already very slippery.


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